The sanctuary that is Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve will enthrall you with its idyllic setting. Mindfully planned experiences offer you even more pathways to discovery as you marvel at the wonders of nature and feel the energy of an indelible connection to the world around you.

Tastings and classes

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Master Class Cooking

One of the chefs at K’ÚUM will introduce you to local ingredients and culinary techniques as your palate discovers a new perspective
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Mezcal Tasting

As one of the most iconic Mexican distilled spirits, mezcal’s complexities will surprise and excite you

Tasting: The Goodness of Agave

Guided by our specialist, discover the nuances, layers and regional characteristics of Mexico’s emblematic agave-based spirits: tequila, mezcal and sotol
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Chi Chi’s Recipe: Cacao

Chi Chi is a regional term used fondly for “grandmother,” whose inspiration and homegrown artisanal skill inspires the way we make this ancestral drink
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Chi Chi’s Recipes: Sauces

A beloved grandmother is affectionately called “Chi Chi” in this region, where loving, hardworking hands have crafted mouthwatering salsas for generations in recipes we will create together, using fresh local ingredients and compelling flavors
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Chi Chi’s Recipes: Corn

Corn is the ultimate comfort ingredient, especially in dishes prepared by our grandmothers – fondly called “Chi Chi” in this region – and we’ll share some of their recipes with you in this hands-on, delicious session


Water is life

On a paddle board or kayak, Sian Ka’an’s enchantment suspends you and everyday life dissolves; your movements and the water connect in blissful synchronicity, and you revel in the present as dolphins, colorful fish and turtles glide by


Private Guided Snorkeling Tour of the Biosphere

Explore the ethereal beauty of underwater worlds – the Yucatán’s crystalline pools, the area’s second-largest coral reef – in an unforgettable private experience led by an experienced guide who will pick you up at the shimmering edge of the lagoon




The architecture and aesthetic in Tulum have captured many a traveler’s heart – and it is all rooted in tradition and culture that thrums beneath the town’s charming walkways and powder-soft beaches; discover Casa Chablé’s day tours which include boat or land transportation, visits to ruins on a guided tour, shopping and visits to a cenote where you can immerse yourself in its cooling, healing waters

Biosphere Exploration

The Casa Chablé pier is a gateway to another world: the astounding ecosystem of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which you will explore with our certified nature guide, who will share fascinating information about the roles different species hold, from mangroves to plants, from insects to reef, from the birds to turtles, and all the vibrant life in between