Savor México’s brightest flavors at K’ÚUM, where timeless traditions meet modern culinary magic.

Bright yet subtle. Deeply thoughtful, yet seemingly effortless. The cuisine at our restaurant, K’ÚUM, is a masterfully pleasurable journey of the senses. Taste, see, smell and absorb México’s rich culinary heritage as each and every artful plate blends innovation, international inspiration and local favorites.  




K’uum and all our restaurants are led by one of Mexico’s top chefs, Jorge Vallejo, the mastermind behind México City’s award-winning Quintonil, which has has been included on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list since 2015.

Jorge’s passion for cooking began long before he and his wife, Alejandra Flores, opened Quintonil; after graduating from Centro Culinario Ambrosía in México City, Jorge gained hands-on-experience. He worked with Princess Cruises, as executive chef at Diana Restaurant at The St. Regis Mexico City, spent a month in the kitchen at Noma in Copenhagen, and then worked at Pujol in México City. Jorge’s deep experience and his artistry converged when Quintonil opened in 2012, and his leadership of Chablé Hotels’ restaurants is a deepening of his ability to use the best organic, local and seasonal ingredients to elicit flavors and textures that offer a personal and deeply sensorial experience.

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In this secluded paradise, nature is your sensorial guide. You can choose to experience meals outdoors, between K’ÚUM and our bountiful ka’anch’es (Mayan raised gardens), surrounded by swaying palm trees – or on the dock overlooking Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Lagoon, an ideal space for private dining.